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Promethea’s education was the most important thing in her mother’s life. Then a mysterious benefactor made it his business as well.

This thought provoking, inspiring and heartbreaking story written by Mike Mariani hit me in all the feels.  A story of family, love, hardship and a mind so brillant she can, and I hope will, change the world.  The very world that has not shown much mercy to this remarkable woman and her brave mother.

Aside from all of the messages, inspiring thoughts, and utter heartbreak, this piece made me think about 'bullying' or wtf is wrong with people.  I have experienced being an outsider.  I have been quite badly bullied.  I have been many versions of my current self all of whom craved acceptance and genuinely want the world to be a kinder place.  How people look at someone so unique, pure and potentially life changing and feel the need to lash out, push, name call or freeze out truly mystifies me and makes my whole torso physically ache.

Perhaps it comes from jealousy or fear of what they do not understand, I truly do not know or understand that need to hurt others for being better, smarter, prettier..whatever.  That same girl could cure cancer or bring the world a new understanding of how things work.... she could potentially effect the lives of those same people for the better.

What I should simply say is READ this piece.

Mr. Mariani created it for the world and we can take some time to think about what people around you may have gone through or are facing.

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