Sunday Smiles.


Just a visual view into my week. I will do this every Sunday and hopefully has SOMETHING to make every one have a Sunday Smile adorable dogs in a pack by commercial photographer-52-EditSmartSelectImage_2017-10-27-04-56-35.png https://photos.app.goo.gl/TP1Ccm7SSQjd37bF3

[video data-wpid="66" src="https://camerasandcanines.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/20171029_102706.mp4" class="size-full"]

Tried finger waves again! #epicfail


I am in LOVE with Blue Red Lipsense Lipstick. I am using almost exclusively Senegence makeup on myself and my clients [mailchimp_subscriber_popup baseUrl='mc.us17.list-manage.com' uuid='6bcb96276412b7aad0da439ec' lid='d7fbba6ccd' usePlainJson='true' isDebug='false']