Adorable dogs in costumes and how to keep them safe this Halloween

WARNING... photos of dogs in adorable costumes to make your sweet tooth ache Happy Halloween friends! What is your favourite part of this howliday?

Wickett. Um. I am speechless about this dog.  He is about to have a human sibling in the house!

These costumed cuties make me melt every time. As much fun as this time of year is, it can be dangerous not to mention terrifying for your canine companion.

Here are a few tips too keep your four legged furramily safe this Halloween

Nixie the Staffy rocks costumes.  No stress for her!

1. Chocolate. If you have kids bringing home their haul of Halloween treats. Or maybe you do not have kids but you stock up on tiny morsels of delicious delights for the neighborhood trick or treaters (I get maybe a dozen kids but feel the need to stock for hundreds just in case. Like just in case I get HUNGRY). Remember that chocolate is toxic to your dog. It is dark chocolate or cacao that is the culprit, or rather theobrimine. We metabolize it with ease but dogs process it much more slowly allowing a cumulative build up to toxic levels. How much is too much? There are lots of guides on the internet but better be safe and contact your veterinarian if you suspect accidental chocolate eating

Look in to my eyes.... now give me all your treats

2. Candy. Xylitol is extremely toxic to pets and is often found in gum. Candy wrappers and lollipop sticks are choking hazards so keep candy and canines seperate! Talk to children in the house about the importance of this.

3. Lost pets. With the door opening and closing there is a chance for a sneaky pup to get outside. With all the strange people wearing strange things your dog could get spooked and take off. Even if they normally stick around your yard.

4. Costumes. As much as I adore seeing dogs adorned in adorable costumes they can cause undue stress for scruffy or fluffy. If they seem stressed or uncomfortable consider a less involved costume like a cute bandana, or let them try their birthday suit. If your dog does not mind indulging remember to watch for tight bits or chocking hazards. Make sure it does not limit movement, site or ability to breathe normally. Never leave a pet in costume u unattended for any period of time

5. Stress. Doorbell ringing. More people coming to the house than usual. Masks so they can't read people's faces. Costumes. Excited children running and screaming with sugar high delight. All of these things can be extremely stressful for pets. While I have used the constantly ringing doorbell as an opportunity for some classical conditioning and desensitizing it is likely best if you can keep Fido's fear at bay. Try putting them in a different spot on the house so they can by seperate from the action. With 5 dogs, especially Elsa who can be anxious, I now go the route of lights off and a bowl of candy by the sidewalk. We all pile into my king size bed and delight in some scary movies and safe, healthy treats

All these cuties were photographed by me at a fundraiser we did with a local pet boutique last year. Happy Halloween and I would love to hear your fav scary movie to ad to my list!!