Fluff, Fluff, Fluff or Fluffy.


via Daily Prompt FluffDaily Post PromptI I got up at 4am as usual and began to read some of my fav pages and blogs.  I re read my share from yesterday.  I am fascinated by that story. I read the Daily Post word prompt of the day and decide to accept the challenge.  Fluff. I think about fluff and immediately my thought goes to dogs for obvious reasons. Then I think fluff like write something fun or 'fluff' vs. deep or serious. Then I toy with writing about the fluff of my job.  I wonder if the topic of down was fluff because it is fluffy.  I had a huge disagreement with a dear friend this week pleading with her to not purchace a certain brand of jacket that uses really cruel suppliers for down and fur.  That story would be kinda depressing for a Monday morning. Hmmmm. Then I look up the definition of fluff  in the dictonary. This is the Merriam Webster definition

Definition of fluff

1:7down 1      HA! I was on to something but still a depressing story

2:something fluffy  Yup nailed that

  • dandelion fluff
3:something inconsequential Totally an option
4:blunderespecially :an actor's lapse of memory I had no idea. That seems specific
 I have the site open so I have to look at the Thesaurus while here...plus 10 or so other words that I may as well check out since I am here anyway. I also feel compelled to click some of the words below like snafumisapprehension. WTF?! It is not a word recognized by the dictonary when I copy and paste it into the search box. Ha! they do not even know the definition to their own absurd word.
Oh.  It was 2 words put together when I copied and pasted. 10 minutes of my life I will never get back laughing at the absurdity of the word and my intention to let Webster know of their blunder. I guess the joke is on me.

Synonyms and Antonyms of fluff

  1. 1a soft airy substance or coveringself-consciously picked the fluff off his sweater as he answered the officer's questionsSynonyms of fluffdownflossfuzzfurlintnappileWords Related to fluffbatting

  2. 2an unintentional departure from truth or accuracythe flustered newscaster's fluffs included a mispronunciation of the town's nameSynonyms of fluffblunderbobbleboob [British], boo-boobrickclanger [British], clinkerfaultfluberrorfumblegaffgaffegoofinaccuracylapsemiscuemisstepmistakeoversightscrewupslipslipupstumbletripWords Related to fluffbloomerblooperbonerhowlerpratfall foul-upsnafumisapprehensionmiscalculationmiscomprehensionmisconceptionmisconstructionmiscuemisdescriptionmisimpressionmisinterpretationmisjudgmentmisreadingmisstatementmisunderstandingNear Antonyms of fluffaccuracycorrectnessexactitudeexactnessprecisenessprecisionstrictnessinerrancyinfallibilityperfection

Then I spend another 20 minutes jumping from linked word to linked word which makes me hungry. I go eat. That tends to be my go to move when I am hungry.  Now back to fluff. My brain circles back to dogs and fluff.  I notice how fluffy my dog Elvis is. You can follow him on instagram. I cuddle him and play with him for a bit. Then I go to instagram to copy his profile to link here.  Good bye another 20 minutes. Because dog photos are adorable obviously.

I would also like to say that snow is fluffy. When it is not -20 like it is here today. Then the snow seems like it is comprised of billions of tiny, cold, shards of glass. I am glad I work from home and don't have to go out.  The dogs barely want to go out long enough to pee.  I stand there freezing watching them.  Now I am cold so I go have a hot bubble bath and read some of my fav blogs. Darn. I forgot I was trying to write something about fluff.

I think of things that rhyme with fluff and if I like saying them or not.  I think of my favorite words to say. Igloo is great word as is wood. Do you ever wish a word was called something different or meant something different? For example phlegm is a word suited  for its meaning in my opinion. I really like the word elbow.  Not the way it looks like I do with igloo but just the way it sounds out loud. I do not care for the way BLog sounds outloud. Lovely to look at as a word but when I say it aloud I think it should be the name of a villian in Harry Potter or something. I wonder if other people spend their time caring about these things. What are some of your favorite or least favorite words? Please comment and let me know.

I am going to read what other bloggers have written about fluff because clearly I have nothing to say on the subject.


The featured image today is a friend of mine because she is pretty and awesome and I think I captured her real smile in this image.  She has a blog http://picbear.com/diabettyblog on her triumphs and failures managing type 1 diabetes.  She also has an adorable dog and the funniest cat on the planet



Synonyms and Antonyms of fluff

  1. 1to make a mistakeunnerved by her earlier missteps, the skater fluffed on the final jump as wellSynonyms of fluffblunderboob [British], fluberrfoul upfumblegoof (up), louse upmess (up), screw upslip upstumbletripWords Related to fluffnod


  2. 2to make or do (something) in a clumsy or unskillful wayI completely fluffed the introduction by calling the boss's wife by the wrong nameSynonyms of fluffblowbobblebogglebollix (up), bootbugger (up), bumblebunglebutcherdubflubbotchfoozlefoul upfumblegoof (up), louse upmanglemess (up), muck upmuffmurderscrew upWords Related to fluffblundergum (up), muddlepiffle

    blemishblightdamageflawharmhurtimpairinjuremarmutilateruinspoilvitiatedestroywreckmishandlemismanageNear Antonyms of fluffamelioratebetterenhancehelpimprovemelioraterectifyrefinereformremedydoctorfixpatchreconditionrenovaterepairrevamp

Seen and Heard

What made you want to look up fluff? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible).


I LOVE my job and work very hard to make it a profitable business. It is however a lot of work, very little of which is actually taking pictures. I wrote this to acknowledge how I was feeling when I had a client complain about my prices and a friend ask how I could be busy if I was not doing a shoot that day.  I was 5 shoots in to process and had to do my monthly 2 days of website updating and SEO.  I do not allow stuff like that to have real estate in my brain but it was bugging me.  Writing this made me laugh and reminds me that you don't know what you don't know.  Rather than be annoyed I can laugh at this while also genuinely try to educate people.