Why I love being me and why dogs won't look at your camera


This is my first blog to introduce myself and my non traditional furramily. My name is Sandy L Smith (a super common name so the L takes it more to a 'quite common' status) and I live In Alberta, Canada. I am owned by 5 dogs, 6 parrots, my work and encouraged by a very supportive partner whom mostly tolerates our day-to-day chaos. A brief history of me. I worked with and studied dogs every day for a decade. I was or am also a sommelier (a professional wine expert now turned expert wine drinker). Currently I am a full-time photographer.

Hence.. Cameras and Canines. I specialize in human and canine portraiture. No, not like Sears portrait studio, nor the long gone glamour shot mall studio. Omg do you remember those places? They were so cheesy but looked kinda fun. PLEASE tell me some one out there remembers those, and even more used one.

My tagline or goal is Capturing What Makes You Unique. I do some stock photography for Getty Images and some freelance commercial as well as workshops privately and for The Camera Store .

Obviously I am lucky to photograph many dogs, and I love each and every one of them. They all capture a place in my heart. I will share these experiences with you and hope to make you laugh or groan with that all-knowing empathy of fellow humans owned by dogs. I hope to help all of you reach new heights in photography, human and canine. I will share weekly insight, tips, tricks, laughs and maybe some tears on the subjects of both Cameras and Canines. I am always here to answer any questions I can or help point you in the right direction if I cannot.

Have a lovely Tuesday evening and I look forward to sharing

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