Capturing what makes people and pets unique is my greatest enjoyment.  Making quality portraiture involves getting to know the subject and making them feel comfortable with me so we bring out what makes you ... well YOU!

I currently shoot for Getty Images as an Exclusive Contributor, freelance commercial, and personal portrait sessions

Capturing What Makes You Unique


I have worked with dogs and other animals professionally for more than a decade. Understanding canine communication signals and behaviour allows me to connect even with the most fearful Fido.  I strive to capture what they are about and each collection is unique and reflects your pet's personality.  I spend most of our session getting to know and interacting with the subjects so the images are happy, natural and fun


 A lifetime of seeing the world in my unique way and my mastery of light and color allow me to think on my feet and see or create the right "moment". My previous experience in marketing and branding and managing large, diverse staff means I have worked with all types of people and personalities. I will ensure you feel comfortable, look natural and mostly HAVE FUN

 For work or pleasure you will find me out with my cameras and my canines everyday. As an award winning photographer I love to share tips and tricks for working with dogs and photography so follow me on social media to share pictures, dog stories and photography tips with our community! #camerasandcanines I teach private lessons and do workshops.

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